After the storm

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The trees scattered across the Goldsboro High School campus danced in the wind Monday, but the weatherman said Hurricane Irma was gonna miss us.

It might rain tomorrow. A few trees could even fall. But the flooding wouldn’t come. Not this time.

We weren’t so lucky in October 2016. Hurricane Matthew closed down our school and the other schools in Wayne County. Most of us lost power. So even though Irma won’t hurt us, we know other storms are out there somewhere. And the only way we can be ready is to remember.

As we pray for the people facing what we faced in 2016, those of us who take Mr. Fine’s English I class wrote reflections about Hurricane Matthew so we could keep those memories close. Some wrote stories. Others put together poems and spoken word pieces. Here is what we went through:

After Matthew, Zhaniya Hudson and her family “had to get heat from the car when we was cold.” They “didn’t have power for two or three weeks” and getting food from the store was hard because “the store had no power so stuff was going bad. Drinks wasn’t cold.”

And Lala Dickens remembers how “it rained so much it came through the door and the whole carpet was wet. Soaked.”

Tiana Brewington expressed her memories with an emotional poem:

“Kids crying.

Parents confused.

Thinking, ‘Oh no. What should we do?’

No food.

No lights.

No air.

No clean clothes to wear.

If you looked at me now,

You won’t be able to know my story.

Just know I made it.

And God has the glory.”

And Terrique Hodges wrote a poem of his own and turned it into a spoken word piece recorded by Mr. Fine. You can listen to it by clicking on it below these words.