IMG_0040It’s been a while since Goldsboro High School had a team of journalists ensuring the school’s students, faculty, and alumni had a place to find comprehensive coverage of everything happening on the GHS campus. Well, we thought it was about time for a rebirth.

The GHS Pride is on a mission to highlight the many things that make our school a truly unique learning environment. And make no mistake: our school has a LOT to be proud of.

Our faculty is passionate, warm, and beloved by the teenagers who walk into our classrooms each day. Our students are survivors with compelling stories to share. So we are certain that when you read them in the coming months, you will come to understand the power of their voices — voices that are all too often unheard.

We know that we can’t rely on outsiders to fully understand our journeys. But by exploring the truth as we see it every day, we will seize the power those stories command. So get ready. We’re coming. And we will be heard.