Cougars win Science Fair


They might have been down a teammate, but Goldsboro High School students Jyrei Thompson and Keturah Artis found a way to emerge victorious at the Wayne County Public Schools Science Fair Saturday.

Their project? Corn paper — an undertaking that started when their teacher told them to turn corn into a blue ribbon.


So how did they make it happen? It started with two pounds of corn husks and sodium hydrate, which, after being mixed and boiled for two hours in a stainless steel pot, were blended into a pulp. That pulp was then put into a mold and shaken to get rid of the excess moisture.

Sure, the finished product impressed the judges, but they weren’t the only ones blown away by the students’ effort. GHS principal Christopher Horne said the victory was another example of Cougars changing the narrative about our school.

He praised the science department — particularly Mrs. Velasco and Mr. Almerino — for representing GHS with passion and motivating students to be the very best they can be. And he beamed with pride during a post-victory photo session and praised his students for setting such a high standard and earning a spot in the S.T.E.M. Fair this March at the Maxwell Center.


The first place ribbon was not the only prize taken by the Cougars Saturday.

Guervens Joseph, Malachi Johnson, Ty’Khira Franklin and Joeshon Artis walked away with a second-place finish for “Grass Oils” — a project that offered a solution to a world that will, one day, run out of natural resources.

This story will be updated with quotes Monday.

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