Curtain’s up


The Goldsboro High School choral program has been in incredible hands so far this year, as Victoria Ruffin-Atkins made her triumphant return to the Cougar family. From the county fair to pre-football game pep rallies, her students have been shining – and the public is taking notice.

After their first-place finish at the Wayne Regional Agricultural Fair, Mrs. Ruffin-Atkins talked to the Pride and said she felt the students were “well-deserving of their placement and that they exceeded my expectations.”

One of those students, Tanasha Hall, agreed.

“I was really excited because all of our hard work paid off,” she said, but added that she wished the team could have been challenged to bring out their best. “I was disappointed that we didn’t have a competition. I feel like weren’t really challenged. Maybe we would’ve been better if we would’ve gone against someone.”

Her teacher echoed those sentiments.

“Although I doubt anyone would have defeated the Show Stoppers, I wish they would’ve had some type of competition so they could’ve really felt that flame a little more.”

But make no mistake. Competition or not, the Show Stoppers will be feeling that flame tonight when the public will be treated – for free – to the group’s latest performance at 6:30 p.m. in the GHS auditorium. The Pride will be there covering the event. Join us!



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