Superheros, Football and Royalty


Get ready.

It’s time to pass down the crown.

That’s right. Homecoming is here.

Friday night, based on your votes, Goldsboro High School will announce its new king and queen during halftime of the Clinton game.

But we have several days of craziness to get through before that happens.

Yep. Spirit Week starts Monday.

Tomorrow, on “Throwback Day,” you can dress up like anyone from any era — the 70s, 80s, Roaring 20s, etc. Tuesday, you’ll be seeing double, on “Twin/Triplet Day.”

Things will get out of control Wednesday, as we continue the age-old tradition of “Wacky Tacky Day” — when people show up in the weirdest, most over-the-top outfits ever. And Thursday, on “Cartoon/Superhero Day”, Superman, Wonder Woman, and maybe even Slenderman, will be walking the halls.

Class battles will close out the week as on Friday, “Class Color Day” will see us wear our respective class colors and compete in field events ahead of the Pep Rally.

Then, we’ll be ready to take on Clinton, hoping to end a two-game football losing streak that saw the Cougars barely fall to James Kenan and East Duplin.

But wait! We saved the best for last.

For the first time in recent memory, the Homecoming Dance is back!

For five dollars, or fifteen Cougar Cash, students can dance their Saturday night away. We wondered what brought about the decision to have a have a dance after so long, so we asked Homecoming guru Mrs. Burnetta Barnes.

She told the Pride that, “A lot of schools had dances for homecoming. Goldsboro did, too, at one point, but  we stopped for some reason. We thought it’d be a great idea to bring it back for the student body.”

After a little more research, we found out that the idea actually came from chorus teacher Mrs. Victoria Ruffin Atkins.

She told the Pride that the idea was part of the school’s attempt to continue to “change the narrative.”

“I recommended the dance because a lot of students tell me that high school was boring for them,” she said. “There are no dances and nothing for them to get excited about. Homecoming is just the beginning of a new day. Hopefully the Cougar Parliament and I, along with the SGA, will be able to put on more dances and have more events here at the school.”

The dance will be from 7 p.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday, October 13, so be sure to come show your Cougar pride! And if you’re not a student and are just planning on coming out to the game, be ready. There are other surprises lurking that will make you proud to be a member of the Cougar Family.

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