In control of her destiny


Destiny Williams admits that she’s a little bit nervous.

“I’m going to be 10 hours away from home,” she said. “And I’m going to be by myself.”

But when Ohio’s Notre Dame College – not to be confused with the University of Notre Dame ­– offered her a full ride to run track, the seventeen-year-old Wayne School of Engineering senior knew she had to say yes.

And with the stroke of a pen, that’s just what she did Wednesday inside the Goldsboro High School media center.

“I’m excited,” she told the Pride. “I actually see myself being there for the next four years. It felt like home.”

But the opportunity to run track will not be the only thing on Destiny’s mind when she starts school this fall. Her dream is to be a broadcast journalist, and “ESPN cameras are usually on campus, and I know that will I have a great opportunity for an internship with the company.”

Signing with Notre Dame was not always a done deal. In fact, Destiny’s first choice was Hampton. But when we asked her why Notre Dame came out on top, she said the school’s track coach made her feel like family.


“He is caring,” she said. “He texted me to check up on me when I hurt my knee. He recruited me during the good and the bad.”

Caring. Just like a woman who has always been there for her. The woman she calls her “inspiration.”

“My mom had a stroke and she always pushed me to keep going,” Destiny said. “She always told me that I am in control of my own destiny – and that I am my only competitor. I’m thankful for her, my dad, and coach Wilson. He pushed me harder. He is the one who brought it out of me.”

Sure, she has had help along the way. But it must be said that this young lady has always shined outside of the classroom. She has played basketball, tennis, and soccer. She was a cheerleader and a competitive swimmer.

Add in her solid academic performance and Destiny has become someone the WSE and Goldsboro High School student bodies have come to love. But even though we will hate to see her leave, we know that she will chasing her dreams and putting hard work in motion.

“You can expect all you want and you’ll never get anything,” she told the Pride. “But the moment you put in hard work, you’ll get everything you worked for.”



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