Board approval


Two local politicians took time out of their busy schedules to visit Goldsboro High School this week to witness the many positive programs that exemplify who our students really are.

Wayne County Commissioners John Bell and Edward Cromartie began their visit by sitting in on our journalism class, and then spoke to the JROTC. Later, as they walked the halls, they said they were very excited about what they had witnessed — including several Communities Supporting Schools mentors meeting with their mentees in the Media Center.

“I was very excited about what I saw here today,” Bell told the Pride, adding that the community should appreciate the historic value of GHS.

He has been on the board since 2000, and during his seventeen-plus years of service to the county was, at one point, its chairman. Bell also served in the Air Force from 1953-1973 and, in his free time, loves to play the guitar.


I’m very excited about what I saw here today.” — County Commissioner John Bell

Cromartie, who has been spotted at several GHS basketball games since his visit to the school, is newer to the board. He was elected in 2013 after a career in education that saw him teach in Cumberland County, serve as a principal, assistant principal and athletic director, and take on a role with the State Department of Public Instruction.

He, too, was impressed by what he saw — particularly how “the student population … is very respectful” — and told the Pride he was anxious to tell his fellow commissioners that what he experienced at GHS was far different than the negative things they might have read or heard about our school.

“I’m so impressed by the quiet learning environment,” he said. “The students should be proud of their school.”


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